strategy & planning

Develop Strategy, Planning & Teams


From broad range experience with manufacturers, service organizations and suppliers, we help you and your management team identify, assess and capitalize on market opportunities. Our comprehensive marketing and management audit tools can pinpoint your company’s strengths and weaknesses. While shoring up weaknesses, we work with you to deploy strengths to maximum market advantage within your particular environment of opportunities and threats.

Planning and Tactics

In developing strategy, we work with you to evaluate and incorporate key elements that drive or affect your bottom line, including:

  • Marketing Strategy and Tactics
  • Management Development
  • Staffing and Training
  • "Change” Management
  • Organizational & Culture
  • Operational Issues
  • Technology Management
  • Financial Structure and Resources
  • Research and Development

Manage Culture & Change

Leveraging business culture — as it already exists within your organization — can be one of the best ways to avoid the failures that up to 70 percent of corporate re-engineering efforts encounter. To address the critical element of “change” management — the human aspect — we use a fully integrated approach. While it can be easy to identify what an organization must do differently and better to facilitate change, we understand how even the finest processes and programs can only support management’s vision for the future.

Innovation, optimized through Total Quality Leadership (TQL), can be a vital strategic key to long-term success. TQL helps build a capable organization and steers resources into strategy-critical actions. Aligning culture and strategy requires special focus. We help select a strategy compatible with your corporate culture and keep it there.


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