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Brand - Strategy - Business Planning
Capital Formation - Increased Valuation - Exit Planning

Drawing from a broad range of business and academic experience, we work directly with CEOs, business owners and divison leaders to increase company value through focused business and marketing strategy. A global range of management and marketing experience in manufacturing, service and distribution has equipped us with power and perspective to succesfully engage our clients' challenges to deliver results against clearly stated objectives.

From original roots in full-service marketing, our vision for clients' success rose to new levels. We found that most of our clients needed significantly more than top line growth assisted by good advertising and public relations: they needed fully integrated brand and business strategy — strategies that often require change management to reach the next level of business performance, generate capital infusion or to create a profitable exit plan for owners and shareholders.

Our Values

To achieve maximum potential, a company’s vision and resulting mission must align with core ethics and people-centered values. The Landry Associates Business Philosophy reflects what we believe about our clients, our business and the people we work with.


  • Believe in principle and ethics before profit.
  • Promote integrity and goodwill in all relations.
  • Invest in the development of our people as individuals and professionals.
  • Support team work collaboration, openness, creativity and fun!
  • Encourage the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors.
  • Provide the highest level of service possible for our clients.
  • Provide a challenging and rewarding work environment based on diligence, quality and a sense of urgency.
  • Believe as long as we remain true to our values, our company will grow and prosper.

Interim Management

Occasionally, an organization’s transitional needs require a fresh approach to business, operations or marketing which only an accomplished top executive can deliver. Alan Landry, supported by many professional network resources, can provide this type of interim management to facilitate rapid growth and change, or to achieve specific objectives in company transition, including turnarounds, venture funding and IPO preparation.


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