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Create Competitive Advantage

Business success is all about becoming a superior competitor.
Competitive advantage results primarily from mastery of two key processes:

  • Understanding your customers’ needs
  • Meeting those needs in ways perceived to be better
    than your competition

We focus on ways to gain competitive advantage through a systems approach, combining assessment and planning with management empowerment, training and execution. Key elements for achieving competitvesuccessful business and marketing.

Strategy Begins with SWOT

Understanding your company’s Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) is vital to planning effective strategy. We deploy proven, effective assessment methods and tools to identify and quantify internal and external factors critical to your company’s success.

Determine Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is ultimately determined in terms of differentiation, focus or cost leadership. We help you evaluate options to determine the positioning strategy most appropriate for your firm’s products or services and goals.

Communicate Vision, Values, Mission & Goals

Internal alignment proves vital to becoming a superior competitor. We provide the perspectives, concepts and tools needed to help you articulate and communicate — internally and externally — your company's vision and values in ways that energize your company team and your marketplace. In addition, we anticipate the opportunities and challenges of technological change. Our approach focuses on how best to integrate technology and information into the values, vision, mission, and management goals of a dynamic and competitive organization.

Achieve Marketing Superiority

Working with management team and staff, we:

  • Develop marketing plans based on defined opportunities and quantified goals
  • Provide analyses, tools and resources to reach targeted segments efficiently, based on criteria that can be measured
  • Help build the management and marketing team needed to achieve desired results

Research, Analysis & Forecasting

Gathering and interpreting appropriate market data can have dramatic impact on your company’s marketing plans and results. From broad experience in all facets of qualitative and quantitative market research design, we can ensure you have the information needed to make the right strategic and marketing decisions.

Using the latest research and market projection technology, we offer Adaptive Control Modeling which can precisely identify how external and internal variables and marketing mix affect marketing performance. We offer a powerful forecasting model — which we call APEX™ — that prescribes marketing approaches to yield optimum results. A proprietary tool developed by Landry Associates, the APEX model can be used to identify:

  • Target markets
  • Optimum product positioning
  • Product and service optimization
  • Pricing optimization
  • Marketing plan optimization
  • Environment & Balance Sheet forecasting

Market Position & Brand Strategy

Securing a strong market position as leader, follower or niche marketer is only the first step. Maintaining or improving that position through innovative sales and marketing execution is a firm’s longer term challenge. We develop comprehensive marketing plans to increase market share and customer base, working closely with your marketing team to add focus and improve your product/service differentiation to deliver bottom line results.

Powerful creative strategy proves crucial to developing effective marketing and collateral materials. Our many years’ experience in advertising creative development processes ensures that creative execution matches overall strategy and budget. Creative executions developed or managed by L&A have consistently scored among the highest among national advertisers in terms of impact, message retention and product appeal.

For companies needing advertising or PR assistance, we can offer full agency review services and recommendations through our network of accomplished professionals. Over the years we have developed strong associations with full-service agencies, free-lance copywriters, creative directors and others who can deliver customer-winning executions at a fraction of the cost of most agencies.



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